Virtual and Augmented Reality in Games

Performance improvements in graphics hardware and diffusion of low-cost interfaces enabled the real-time visualization of complex virtual environments and provided us with the opportunity to interact in a more realistic way. The use of specific interfaces permits to provide a deeper sense of presence in the game.

In addition, the serious games, designed for explicit educational purpose, combine the user entertainment with the need to improve its performance in reaching a precise goal.

The research activity of the AVR Lab includes the design and development of virtual and augmented reality applications in order to match up the force feedback sensations to advanced visualization techniques; the aim is to provide new modalities of gaming and learning.

List of works

gennaio 17, 2015

A 3D simulation of a game of billiards using a haptic device

A Virtual Reality application of a game of billiards has been developed. By means of a commercial haptic interface a force feedback is provided, thus rendering […]
gennaio 17, 2015

Augmented Reality Bowling

An Augmented Reality application has been designed where, using a haptic device, it is possible to feel the contact with the virtual objects: a bowling alley […]