In order to enhance the tourist service of the city of Galatina (Lecce), the Municipality has plannes a video mapping performance among the various activities financed to be carried out between December 2019 and January 2020, which will be projected on the facade of the basilica of Saint Catherine of Alexandria between 28 and 29 December.

Videomapping is a performance as powerful as it is complex, the result of a creative process that aims to emotionally involve the public and make them participate in an unrepeatable experience. The language with which videomapping is used is audio-visual: the images and sounds are therefore the tools for spreading the message, the story. From a merely technical point of view this technology requires one or more architectural surface projectors.

The project conceived and carried out by AVR Lab (Augmented and Virtual Reality Laboratory) of the University of Salento (Lecce), by the hand of the videomapper Liliana Scrivano, provides for the projection of audio-visual content consistent with both the date of projection during the Christmas holidays , which with the kind of building that will welcome the projection. In particular, the projection wants to tell in a “comic” version the birth of Jesus and through these images, not only to involve and amaze the spectators with 2D and 3D effects, but also to convey a deeper and more current message: peace and brotherhood.