The idea was born in the Microsurgery Lab of the University of Ioannina. Education and training of young surgeons, as well as promotion of research in the field are the main interests of the lab and the main idea behind this project.

The goal of our project is to establish a training center for surgery in the cross border area of Greece and Italy (Epirus Region and Apulia Region) equipped with virtual reality simulators, surgical augmented reality setups, e-learning and surgical digital library platforms.

The main expected outcomes include:

 –  a virtual reality surgical simulator (serious game), which is a useful tool in the training of surgeons; –  a microsurgery digital library.

Exchange of knowledge and experience that will further improve the interregional cooperation to respond to the identified common problems regarding the exploitation of digital technologies for the promotion of education and research.

Greek partners will be able to upgrade the facilities of the Microsurgery Lab, while their know how will be transferred to Italian partners that will set up a similar state of the art facility in the Region of Apulia.