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Cultural Heritage




Virtual Reality technology

Virtual Reality technology enables the creation of synthetic environments where the feeling of immersion and of realistic presence is very high.

Augmented Reality technology allows the real-time fusion of computer-generated digital contents with the real world with the aim to enhance the users’ perception and improve their interaction during the execution of specific tasks. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies can be used in order to develop applications in different fields: medicine, education, arts and cultural heritage, entertainment, military simulation, and manufacturing.

The research activities of the Augmented and Virtual Reality Laboratory (AVR Lab) are mainly focused on the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies in medicine and surgery, cultural heritage and education. The AVR Lab is involved in the research activities of DREAM, a laboratory of multidisciplinary research applied to medicine located at the Hospital of Lecce and focused on improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare services. The virtual and augmented reality technologies can provide a valid support to the surgeon in preoperative planning and intraoperative surgical procedures.

The AVR Lab is also engaged in the design and development of advanced human-machine interfaces for interacting with virtual objects and models and improving the performances of users in a real environment.

The AVR Lab is member of the European Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality (EuroVR) and annually organizes the International Conference on Augmented and Virtual Reality (SALENTO AVR).

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Latest News

febbraio 5, 2016

Workshop Annual DReAM

Workshop Annual DReAM 12 Febbraio 2016, ore 9,00 Sala Conferenze DReAM, Ospedale “V: Fazzi”, Lecce workshop DREAM  
febbraio 4, 2016

1st Baltic Sea Symposium on Simulation and Virtual Reality

1st Baltic Sea Symposium on Simulation and Virtual Reality for Education in Health Care and Patient Safety 4-6 February, 2016 Riga, Latvia Plenary Talk: “Augmented Visualization […]
dicembre 13, 2015

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